I went to Spring Market

Spring Quilt Market was in Minnesota this spring. I had hoped to leave the rain behind in Colorado but alas, it was no different there.

I had a relatively stress free time, only 2 schoolhouses,1 take and teach, and 1 book signing. It was a piece of cake! 🙂 The only blip was having our flight home delayed over 2 hours and not getting home until Monday morning around 2 a.m. You just can’t control the thunderstorms in the spring.

I didn’t find any great new product, but it was so great seeing friends I see twice a year at markets.

I am writing another book to be presented at Fall Market. There isn’t a working title yet but it will be about more and newer embellishments. Liz Kettle and I are splitting up the techniques so we will each have a book. I guess they will be a sort of companion books each with our own style. I am looking forward to getting it going past the outline phase. I will be able to write it long hand and my hubby will input it for me. What a great guy!

I am having rotator cuff surgery tomorrow. I hurt myself last November and can’t deny it any longer. It needs to be fixed. Good news is, my knees are great so I hope this is the last thing to be fixed with my arms! 🙂

I found a company at market to take a look at my bag patterns and give me an estimate on getting them printed. I am anxious to hear back from them. It would be so great to have them ready for Fall Quilt Market.

I will try to peck out one-handed posts the next few weeks, and hope your summer is a great one!




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